GALLERY - The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, La Crosse Wisconsin

Dedicated July 31, 2008

Architect; Duncan G. Stroik and River Architects Inc.

General Contracter; Fowler & Hammer, Inc.

Ornamental Plaster Installation contracter; John Canning Co.

Felber Ornamental Plastering Corp. was selected to provide all of the cast ornamental plaster elements for this large and prestigious project. In most cases this required full size drawings, custom clay models and rubber molds for each item. Included in our scope of work were;

- More than thirty, 30ft. x 3ft. wide Corinthian pilasters, capitals, shafts and bases.

- 500 linear feet of 6 foot high Corinthian entablature.

- 36ft. diameter dome entablature and oculus trim

- baldacchino canopy including column capitals, cornice, seraphim frieze and underside dome.

- numerous garlands, swags, angel reliefs, arches, shrine and door pediments, window surrounds, grilles and pendentive trim.