For more than 30 years, Felber Ornamental Plastering Corporation has been perfecting the art of ornamental plaster. The present Felber studio is the great-grandchild of a turn-of-the-century company, The Voigt Company, which closed its doors in 1939. Felber Ornamental Plastering Corporation is proud of its heritage and prides itself on its attention to the authenticity of its products and craftsmanship. One benefit of our ancestry is that in addition to the stock items pictured in our catalogue, we have an archive of over 2000 antique molds. This collection, including Gothic, Old English, French, and Art Deco design, specializes in Neo Classical and Adams period motifs. We welcome serious inquiries from our customers regarding these items.

One of the most important advances in modern plaster technique is the development of Glass-Reinforced Gypsum, or GRG. The result is a remarkably lightweight, non-toxic, non-combustible composite of gypsum (plaster) and monofilament glass fibre that forms a solid matrix of unusual strength. Because of this development, in addition to our traditional line of ornamental plaster, we are able to offer self-supporting and/or suspended domes and coffered ceiling systems. These systems are attractive to the customer because of their versatility in application and ease in handling. Because they require minimal framing prior to installation, a Felber dome can be easily included as a part of a remodeling project without the massive structural intrusion one might expect. Also, in larger projects where on-site time/space constraints become an issue, a Felber ceiling system can be installed in a fraction of the time necessary for traditional plaster techniques, resulting in a significant saving for the customer.

Felber Ornamental Plastering Corporation has also built a reputation on working with architects, builders, and interior designers to help bring their specific project needs to fruition. Whether fabricating molding profiles or sculptured relief; custom radiused elements; light trough systems; coffered ceilings; or domes; we have decades of experience in all aspects of production from design and shop drawing, to final production. If you are interested in exploring the potential of ornamental plaster, please feel free to call and discuss your particular project with our trained sales staff.

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