Cornice installation

Cornice Installation Guide:
  1. Using the height of the cornice, establish a horizontal reference line on wall for bottom of cornice.

  2. Mark reference line at perimeter of room and tack a wood strip at this elevation. (Remove when complete)

  3. Using an outside corner as a starting point, (start with inside corner if job does not require any outside corners) miter one end of casting.

  4. Locate studs and mark stud locations on wall and castings.

  5. Predrill and countersink casting at marked locations.

  6. Apply construction adhesive to contact points of cornice to wall and ceiling.

  7. Rest Cornice on wood strip and (using galvanized screws) screw cornice to studs. Optional Method of attachment: Fasten wood blocking to ceiling & wall and attach casting to wood blocking.

  8. Fill joints and screw holes with plaster: allow to dry and sand smooth.

  9. Fill open seams with paintable caulk where cornice meets wall and ceiling.

  10. Prime and paint.

A PDF file for Cornice and Ceiling Medallion installation ( 180Kb ) is available.
Click here to download it.

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