Dome installation

    Dome Installation Guide:
  1. Mark dome location on ceiling-scribe diameter of dome onto ceiling and cut through wallboard on ceiling.

  2. When cutting a rough opening in a standard wall board ceiling, remove necessary number of joists depending on spacing and size of dome to be installed.

  3. For needed additional support, double up joists on either side of dome and above dome for the electrical box. (If no box, use this as an attachment point.) Also, insert framework perpendicular to the ceiling joists to box out the dome area - continue to frame out the dome area by inserting small mitered corner fills on the inside of all four corners creating an octagonal shape, this will establish eight attachment points.

  4. Predrill and countersink casting at all attachment points.

  5. Raise dome into opening with outer edge of dome flush against ceiling and screw into framing.

  6. Fill joints and screw holes with non-shrink spackle; or plaster, allow to dry, smooth and finish.

Note: Whenever structural framing is to be cut or removed the work should be done by a qualified contractor under the supervision and advice of an architect or engineer. The following information is to be used as a guide only. Some domes may require specifically designed framing.

A PDF file for Niche and Dome installation ( 200Kb ) is available.
Click here to download it.

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